NC Disaster Relief Fund – Grant Application

4/22/2017 - 5/20/2017

Thank you to all of the dedicated organizations and volunteers across the state for all they have done to respond and rebuild from Hurricane Matthew. The North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund wants to help continue the great work you are already doing. The current application window will close on 5/20/2017, further opportunities to apply will become available.

Applications may be submitted from 4/22/2017 to 5/20/2017. Please complete the online form below to apply.

Only non-state level units of government in North Carolina that are required by G.S. 159-34 to receive and submit an annual audit report to the Local Government Commission; and (2)organizations described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code may apply.

The North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund (NCDRF) is used for long-term recovery efforts to repair and rebuild damage in central and eastern North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew. Administered by the United Way of North Carolina (UWNC), contributions made to the fund will benefit Hurricane Matthew victims on behalf of the Governor. All contributions made to the fund are used solely for Hurricane Matthew disaster relief.

Application and Funding Request Process

  • Grant Applications must be completed electronically and submitted via ( no later than (May 20th, 2017).
  • Projects benefitting a specific and defined number of households started within 30 days prior to application submittal date, or new projects, can be considered for reimbursement as will any new projects not yet started.
  • The minimum Grant amount within an eligible county is $50,000. The maximum Grant amount within an eligible county is $100,000. Request for exceptions can be considered within the counties of Wayne, Robeson, Cumberland and Edgecombe and can be made on the application form.
  • UWNC will provide disbursements to grantees following the application and disbursement procedures as provided by the Governor.
  • Notification of Grant approval will be sent electronically to the contact information provided on the Grant Application. Any Grants that do not meet the eligibility and minimum requirements as noted on the Grant Application form will be returned to the primary contact with explanation of denial. Should there be additional funds available, a new grant application may be resubmitted.
  • It is important to note that each Grantee is required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UWNC. The MOU further defines the requirements for administration, reporting and disbursement of funds. Once the Grant application is approved, the MOU will be sent to the primary contact on the Application form for signature.
  • The effective date of the Grant will be the date of the signed MOU and will remain in effect until grant is expended.

Grant Spending Requirements

Spending requirements, allowable and unallowable expense are included as part of the Application form and the UWNC MOU. The Grantee must confirm and distribute funds in accordance with these requirements.

Grant Reporting and Fund Distribution Request Process

Monthly financial reports are required following a standard format as provided with the Grant Application and the UWNC MOU to ensure proper reimbursement of grant funds. All requests for distribution of funds must be accompanied by proper detail of expenditures and all receipts.

Link to the UWNC Memorandum of Understanding Document


Questions regarding the Fund, the application, the reporting requirements and/or the disbursement of Grant funds to the Grantee should be directed to

NCDRF Grant Application

Section 1: Organization Details

Section 2: Description of Recovery Efforts

Please provide the following information about the recovery efforts your organization will undertake:

Section 3: Partnership with Local Long Term Recovery Groups

Please provide the following information about the recovery efforts your organization will undertake:

Section 4: Implementation Plan and Timeline

Section 5: Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients must submit a NC Disaster Relief Fund Hurricane Matthew Housing Assistance Monthly Fiscal Report for each month the grant-funded project is underway.

  • Reports should be submitted no later than the 10th of each month, for the preceding month
  • Reports should provide a breakdown of spent funds, housing repair/construction activities, and volunteer statistics.
  • Reports may be submitted electronically to the United Way at

In addition to the monthly reports, it is important that your organization retain all records related to your grant allocation and distributions for future reference or in the event additional information is needed.

Section 6: Funding Request Information

Note: This should be an estimate, the NC Disaster Relief Fund realizes that materials can change in price. If there are funds remaining after the initial disbursement, you may request more funds.

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Section 7: Additional Comments

Section 8: Applicant Signature

I hereby certify I have read and agree to the terms of the grant application laid out above; and certify that if selected for the grant, I and my organization will adhere to the program requirements outlined above.